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Athens Rotary Club Board meeting minutes
October 7, 2015
Board members present:  Andrea Reik, Tara Gilts, Mario Grijalva, Cita Strauss, Dave Diggle, Tom Gibbs, Jackie Collins and Emilia Alonso Sameno
Club members present: Karen Vedder
Call to Order:  Grijalva called the meeting to order at 11:10 am.
Secretary’s Report – Andrea Reik
Minutes from September 2015 meeting
Reik presented the draft meeting minutes for the September Board meeting.
Motion to accept  September 2015 Board meeting minutes with suggested amendments, motion by Strauss, seconded by Alonso Sameno, motion passes.
Minutes from July meeting tabled until November 2015.
Awards Committee Report
Reik reported that nominations for the Community Member of the Year will begin, nominations will be accepted until November 9th.
 Rotarian of the Year
Three Club members were nominated for the Rotarian of the Year, Jackie Collins, Karen Harvey and Karen Vedder.  After discussion, reviewing email responses, and a vote, Karen Harvey was selected as the Rotarian of the Year.
Motion to present the Rotarian of the Year award to Karen Harvey; motion made by the Nomination committee, motion passes.
Strauss made a suggestion to explore an additional award recognizing long time service to the Club.  This will be discussed later in the meeting under new business.    
Treasurers Report –Dave Diggle
Recap of Last Year
Diggle reported that the shortfall for the year was $2,017.46 which was covered by Krogers funds and Happy Bucks. The shortfall was due to a fall off on income in meals due to a drop in membership.  The Holiday Party over spent their line item by $1,200.  Diggle has already spoken to Dave Palmer to ensure that the part for 2015 stays in budget.  The costs were due to higher costs at Baker Center as well as costs of entertainment.  Suggestions were made about other cost saving ideas including finding another location.
Diggle reported that the $390 that Collins mentioned was recovered from Pay Pal account went into the Athens Rotary Foundation for the playground project.
Diggle reported that the District awarded the Club a grant in the amount of $500 for the Thanksgiving Basket project.  He has put the money in the bank.
Finanical summary for September
Diggle reported that the budget shows a shortfall of $800 but that is because the Athens Foundation owes the Club $7,000 for golf tournament expenses.  It is expected that the tournament brought in roughly $12,500.
It was noted that there was some confusion, Jeanne Heaton paid for her golf entry along with $1,000.  Apparently this $1,000 was for a Paul Harris Fellowship. 
Finances are in good shape at the end of the first quarter. Bank reconciliation was sent around table, all good.
Motion to accept the October 2015 financial report; motion made by Reik, seconded by Strauss, motion passes.   
Vocational Services – Tom Gibbs
No report, he requested input from Club members for what activities he should be working on under Vocational Services. Collins reported that she has not received a notice of an ethics conference. 
Club Service  - Pyle absent
No report
Community Service – Tara Gilts
Gilts reported that 8 Rotarians attended the tour of the Athens Messenger.  She reported that the tour was interesting.
Gilts talked about an event at Camp Rotan during the fall.  It was suggested that the event happen on November 1st.  Gilts said she was not available that day, Reik reported that she would be able to be there on November 1st.
Gilts suggested a tour of the Athens Krogers store.  She reported that Josh Wise was interested in hosting the tour.  The Board encouraged her to schedule the tour. 
It was suggested that a get well card be sent to Pat Smith, a former Club member.  Diggle will announce this at the weekly meeting. 
International Service – Cita Strauss
Strauss reported the Amanda Destantos is enjoying her candidacy for short term Rotary Exchange.
Strauss reported that she is working to recruit for a Youth Exchange Committee.  Garske, Strauss and Alonso-Samino will report back to the Board in November. 
New Generation – Garske absent
 no report
President’s Report – Mario Grijalva
Athens Rotary Foundation -  no report
Rotary Foundation -  no report
Camp Rotan
Grijalva is assembling a committee to consider next steps related to the ownership/management of Camp Rotan.  He said that it was important to the time to carefully consider this issue.  He also wanted to consider who else needs to participate in this group. Grijalva hopes to have a Camp Rotan meeting before the November Board meeting. 
Goals for the year
Bella Maria project
Grijalva reported that the project has had visits from Rotary International members.  He reported that they were impressed with the project.  This visit was held at the Rotary Club in Ecuador.
Amesville Library Project
Grijalva reported that a new date is being scheduled for the library dedication event. 
Facebook Page
Grijalva would like to see the Club Facebook page to be current.  Reik said that she would get the password from Sheila Mark who created the page.  Other Board members requested access to post current activities.
Past President – Jackie Collins
Collins reported that she is too busy to call committee right now, but she is working on upcoming office vacancies.
Tom Pyle has expressed interest in the Secretary position.  Reik is to talk to Pyle about the responsibilities of the Secretary position. Several names were suggested for President Elect including Dave Palmer and Anne Paulins, Collins will follow up with these members.  Collins will also speak with Brandon Elliot for a youth position.
Collins reported that Sarah Baker will assume the Rotary International Foundation Chair, she will be replacing Alan Boyd. 
Motion to approve the appointment of Sarah Baker to the Rotary International Foundation Chair effective immediately, motion made by Grijalva, seconded by Collins, motion passes.
Committee meeting on Youth services
no meeting scheduled.
New Business
Award of Excellence – Strauss would like to consider an award for Club Rotarians who have long history of contributing to the Athens Rotary Club.  She will research the topic and bring recommendation back to the Board. 
President Elect – Emilia Alonso Sameno
Alonso Sameno would like to participate in a District Rotary Group Study Exchange.  Alonso Sameno would be a group leader which would go to Brazil in July 2016.  In return, the District would host an exchange group from Brazil.  This would involve bringing exchange members to Club meetings as well as visiting area businesses and vocational sites.  The District will cover travel expenses, the Group Leader will need to fund personal costs.  The Club will buy the blazier.    
Motion for the Club to approve the application for Emilia Alsonso Sameno to participate as a Team Leader for the District Rotary Study Exchange to Brazil in July, 2016, motion by Diggle, seconded by Strauss, motion passes. 
Grijalva would like to have items to give to Speakers who present at a Club meeting.  Reik let him know that there are Rotary mugs stored at the OU Inn.  Grijalva will check.
Next meeting – Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Adjournment  - adjourn at 12:14 pm.
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik