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Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Minutes
September 9, 2015  
Board Members Present: Tom Gibbs, Jan Garske, Cita Strauss, Mario Grijalva, Andrea Reik, Emilia Alonso-Samero, Tom Pyle and Jackie Collins
Club Members Present: - none
Call to Order:  Mario Grijalva called the meeting to order at 11:14 am.
Secretary’s Report:      Andrea Reik  
--Reik presented the draft minutes from the August 2015 Board meeting.  Corrections suggested.
Motion to approve the amended Board meeting minutes for August 2015, motion by Strauss, seconded by Garske, motion passes.
--Collins reported that she has notes from the July 2015 but they were not formatted.
            Tabled until October Board meeting.
--Reik reported that Keith Wasserman has requested a leave of absence from the Club due to a sabbatical. 
Motion to approve a leave of absence for Keith Wasserman for the period of September 1, 2015 through January 2, 2016: motion by Strauss, seconded by Garske, motion passes.  
--Ad hoc awards committee presented their recommendations for the Club Policy for the Rotarian of the Year and the Community Member of the Year.
Motion to approve the policy as presented along with additional wording that states any Board member who has been nominated for the award will be excused from the selection process.  Motion made by Garske, seconded by Grijalva, motion passes. 
Board reviewed the draft nomination form, there were some recommended changes.Garske and Reik will modify and circulate with the Board.The policy and nomination form for Rotarian of the Year will be presented to the Club on 9/21/15.Nominations for Rotarian of Year will be accepted until October 1, 2015.The nominations for the Community Member of the Year will be accepted until November 1, 2015.
Both awards will be presented at the Holiday Party.
Treasurer’s Report:      Dave Diggle- absent, but his report was submitted.
Monthly Budget Update – nothing notable.
Motion to approve the financial report for August 2015, motion by Garske, seconded by Pyle, motion passes. 
Vocational Service Report:       Tom Gibbs
No report
Club Service Report:    Tara Gilts, absent
No report.
Community Service Report:     Tom Pyle
--Pyle reported that he is assisting Tara Gilts recruit volunteers for the Habitat for Humanity House Build in October.
--Pyle reported that Ann Paulins is beginning to organize the Dictionary Project in October. 
--Pyle is working with Betsy Baringer on the Thanksgiving Basket project.
--Pyle reported that Bob Rymer will assume responsibilities for Restore volunteers.   
International Service Report:     Cita Strauss
--Strauss reported that short term candidate, Amanda Desantos, The Plains, is requesting placement in France. 
--Strauss reported that the District Youth Chair is requesting our Club add additional members for the Club committee.  Strauss stated that they have been unable to recruit new members. 
--Gibbs reported that he was approached about accepting other exchange students from AFS.  There is not currently an AFS club at Athens High School, he will discuss with his staff at the AHS. 
New Generations Report:         Jan Garske
--Garske sent out a report to Board members.
Interact Club
Garske reported that today is the first Interact meeting at AHS today.  She has met with Richard Hwang and he has some ideas on how to revive the Interact Club.  He distributed flyers to AHS freshmen, would like to have snacks at the meeting and he is working on a Facebook page. A second meeting is planned and will include the election of officers.
Rotaract Club
Garske reported that there is little action on this Club.  The college student who was angry about letting the Club lapse has been unreachable.  She reported that there is a female RA who is interested in the Club and is attempting to get students in her floor section involved.  Marian Carr and Mike Comperchino are both interested in being adult advisors.  Garske also has contacted previous Rotaract members, however  they are not available to be involved in the fall semester.
--Garske reported that the Athens Club has sent a certificate to Donelle Batty’s Rotary Club for her participation in the selection of the RYLA participants. 
--Garske is working to have the 4 RYLA participants present at an upcoming Rotary meeting.  Only 2 of 4 have responded.  It was noted that Club attendance is down when these presentations are scheduled.  It was suggested that perhaps having the RYLA attendees come to the Club meeting to thank the Club for the opportunity rather than doing a Club presentation. Garske will request that Alonso-Samero to make contact. 
Committee for Rotary International Programs
Garske reported that Youth Services seems to be a primary focus of District 6690 and Rotary International.  They are working on the international programs and focusing on students.  Garske reported that Brandon Elliot is unsure if he can assume any responsibility with the program, due to work and the possibility of relocating.  Garske reported that this committee needs a leader that can make a commitment to the program. Garske is concerned that our Club does not have a focus on the youth.
--Grijalva reported that during his Rotary President training, it was stressed that all members should be on a committee.
President Comments:              Mario Grijalva
Foundation Giving Update – no update
Collins did report that Diggle is still billing members for quarterly contributions.  Diggle pays into Rotary International every six months. 
Athens Rotary Foundation Update – no update
Collins reported that the Foundation has pledged $50,000 to Dairy Barn over the next five years.
Camp Rotan
Discussion on what is the Club’s long term commitment to Camp Rotan.  Collins reported that this property was deeded to the Club from the Girl Scouts.  The deed needs to be reviewed to determine whether or not the Club can legally transfer the property.  Can Girl Scouts be removed from the lease? Can the City accept the lease?  These are legal questions that need to be explored. 
Discussion about liability concerns.  Who manages emergency situations that arise?  There may be two Girl Scout leaders interested in becoming the caretakers.  Can they assume that responsibility?
Currently the Club contributes $2,000 annually for the maintenance of the Camp. 
It was decided that the Club needs to have a committee to explore what direction the Club will go with Camp Rotan.  Grijalva will establish a Camp Rotan committee who will report back to the Board at the November Board meeting.
Recommended Committee members were identified: Mario Grijalva, Bruce Wentworth, Bob Troxel, Karen Harvey, Susan Barga, Gerry Mollica and Cita Strauss. 
2015-2016 Club projects
--Collins reported that the Amesville Library will host a Rotary appreciation day on September 24th, to recognize the contributions of Rotary toward the library renovations.  .
--Collins reported that the Club has $390 that will go to the maintenance of the gardens.  These funds were from a Pay Pal account. 
--The election period for president elect and other Board openings needs to start in January.  There will be several Board positions open.
President Elect Comments:        Emilia Alonso-Sameno
--Alonso-Sameno reported that she will be in Spain during the holidays due to a health issue with a parent.  She may need to take a leave of absence.  
Programs scheduled.
Past-President Comments:       Jackie Collins
Membership discussion
--Collins reported that her job is to fill board positions, the upcoming vacancies are Reik, Strauss, and Garske.  Alan Boyd will be leaving his position of managing the Paul Harris Fellowship.
--Collins suggested scheduling a meeting with Strauss and Collins to discuss the Youth Services programs.   
--Discussion about how to add membership.  Concerns raised about the costs associated with meals, are there other options?  Does this need to be revisited? No action taken.     
Announcement of next meeting: October 7, 2015 11:00 AM
Adjournment at 12:41.
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik