minutes Oct 5, 2007

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Rotary Board Meeting Minutes October 5, 2007



Attendance:  Christie Mitchell, Cita Strauss, Shawna Stump, Scott Malcom, Kaye Johnson, Sheila Mark; guests:  Diane McVey, David Prince


Call to Order 12:05



David Prince presented a new project to the Rotary board.  It involves partnering with the Worthington Club to collect books and forward them internationally for students.  Bonnie Prince and David will donate the money to ship the books.  Work is underway right now to process the paperwork.  Books are predominantly sent to South America.  Cita suggests one collection point to reduce labor and time.  We will need to decide on a day of the month to collect the books.  Motion to accept the book project made by Shawna Stump, Second by Christie Mitchell; Motion accepted



Secretary Report:  Shawna Stump


  • Motion to accept minutes with a correction in spelling made by Scott Malcom, second by Christie Mitchell; motion accepted
  • Resignation received from Donna Russell.  She no longer feels that she has the time to commit to Rotary.  Motion to accept the resignation made by Christie Mitchell, second by Cita Strauss; motion accepted
  • New Members:  Dwayne Moffitt, youth camp director, is a possible candidate for membership.  Karen Post has been posted on the website.


Treasurer Report:  Christie Mitchell


  • Current Balance at $9855.19
  • She will check the district dues and make sure it is correct.
  • Liability Insurance will be about $125.00
  • Interact expenses include $262.00 for the flags and the upcoming Ethics Seminar
  • Discussion as to reimbursement of District and National Convention reimbursements.  The district conference requires pre-registration through the  club for reimbursement.  The club pays only for the registration.
  • The budget for the International Convention is limited to $2500.00 International travel for member only, $2000.00 for domestic travel, member only.  Budget will reflect these amounts.  Sheila moved to place the caps on the reimbursement for International Convention at $2500 international, $2000 domestic for member only, Cita Strauss seconds; motion accepted
  • We received a Thank You form the OU foundation for monies sent
  • Tax exempt form received from Kinko's
  • Christie submitted $7647.31 to the Foundation from the Golf Tournament to Don Cooley.  It will be used for different projects
  • Motion made by Shawna Stump for a continuance on the Chamber of Commerce billing until we have a chance to check with the chamber, 2nd by Sheila Mark; motion accepted


Vocational Chair:

  • The Ethics Seminar will be November 7, 2007.  Mary Abel is working with Interact to get students interested.


International Service:  Cita Strauss


  • Looking for ideas for things to do for 2 inbound students.  Constance may help with Habitat.
  • Cita will check on Shannon Hall in Switzerland to see how she is doing.
  • Membership, need follow up with some members we have not seen in a while.  Bill and Mary Diles may be able to help make contacts.
  • Each new proposed member should receive a copy of the financial policy with their application.
  • GSE information could be placed in the newspaper per Cita.


Community Service:


  • Currently looking for a chair for the baskets and the Salvation Army bell ringing.



Meeting adjourned