Minutes of July 14, 2011

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          The Athens Rotary Club  Board of Directors met at noon on Thursday, July 14, 2011, in the conference room at the Columbus Road Fire Station.   The following Board members were in attendance:  Bob Troxel: Betsy Baringer; Cita Strauss; Dave Diggle; Calvin James; Jody Harris; Andrea Reik; and Karen Harvey.   Also attending were Ann Paulins; Kapil Bajaj; and Sheila Mark.   Bob announced that future Board meetings would be held on the first Thursday of the month at the Ohio University Inn.   


          On a motion by Dave Diggle, seconded by Cita Strauss, the minutes of the meeting of June 2, 2011, were approved.


          The Board were told of the resignations of Richard Conard and Andrea Lewis, both of whom intend to transfer to another club.   The Board accepted the application for Elizabeth Collins, Professor of Classic and World Religions at Ohio University.   Her request for membership will now be publicized through ClubRunner.


          Dave Diggle gave a financial report and presented a draft budget for 2011-2012.   Dave also circulated an aging summary.   The only account of concern at this time is Randy Leite's.   Betsy will call him.   As a second alternative, Ram will be asked to call him as he was Randy's sponsor.   Dave also recommended that the books be audited.   He suggested that Pete Couladis be asked to do this.


          The Board then discussed the draft budget.   As a first step to finalizing it, Karen Harvey moved; and Andrea Reik seconded, that $5,000.00 of net ordinary income that was unspent in 2010-2011, be added to income for 2011-2012 and placed in an Accessible Playground Project line item.  This motion was then uanimously approved.   The line item for International Projects should be reduced from $5,000.00 to $2,500.00, thus correctly reflecting a previous decision of the Board, namely that the $2,500.00 budgeted last year for Presidents Conference but unused should be carried over into the 2011-2012 budget and used for the International Project in Kenya.  


          The Board then discussed the meal contract with the Ohio University Inn as the present contract expires on July 31, 2011.  Betsy Baringer, as an employee of the Inn,  recused herself from this discussion and decision.   On a motion by Calvin James, seconded by Dave Diggle, the Board approved an increase in meal costs to members of $2.00/exempt member and $.50 per active member, a motion reflecting the fact that active members are presently paying more for their food due to the process of capturing income from uneaten meals.   The motion was unanimously approved, and, on a motion by Cita Strauss, seconded by Calvin James, and unanimously approved,  Bob Troxel was authorized to sign the contract with the Inn, a contract that raises the per person meal cost from $14.00 per person to $15.00 per person.


          The Board then discussed Bruce Ergood's request for $500.00 for his Honduran "hen and health" program.   After careful discussion, and on a motion by Betsy Baringer, seconded by Andrea Reik, the Board approved a $250.00 amount on the understanding that no further money would be allotted to this project in future years unless the project were to become an official Rotary International project with participation by a cooperating club in Honduras.  As no funds for this project were included in the 2011-2012 budget, the $250.00 would need to come from "miscellaneous expenses."


          The Board then discussed the current status of Camp Rotan.   Wanting to be more aware of the site and its potential, the Board decided to hold the September meeting at the cabin site at Camp Rotan and to consider holding a Clean-up Day with participation by Club volunteers.


          Ram Gawande, through an oral conversation with President Bob Troxel, presented a request that the Club approve a Rotary International matching grant request that would provide for a literacy project in Ram's former home town in India.   Ram's request was for permission to ask for member donations at a future Monday meeting, donations that he would match dollar for dollar toward Paul Harris eligibility.   It is his desire to raise $700.00.   On a motion by Calvin James, seconded by Dave Diggle, the Board gave approval for Ram to approach the Club members for contributions.


          Bob announced the appointment of an International Projects committee consisting of Sarah Baker; Calvin James; and Bob Mayer.  


          Cita reported that our willingness to accept two Inbound students for the upcoming school year has been confirmed.   She will give a full report next month.


          Calvin James announced that, as Community Service chairperson, he intends to keep the dictionary project; consider an Adopt-A-School project; continue the WOUB fundraising participation; and consider an in-kind assistance to Habitat House.


          Betsy Baringer reminded the Board that the program on Monday, July 18, 2011, is the annual Assembly.   Board members are expected to participate.


          The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.


                                                       Respectfully submitted,


                                                       Karen Harvey, Secretary