Minutes of Meeting April 5, 2007

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Rotary Board Meeting Minutes 04/05/2007

Attendance:  Bob Marinellie, Ismail Ghazalah, Diane McVey, Sheila Mark, Christie Mitchell, Julia Zimmerman, Scott Malcom, Mike Carpenter, Emelia Marks, James Stephens

     Guest:  Bonnie Prince

Motion to accept March Meeting Minutes made by Julia Zimmerman, Bob Marinellie Second:  Motion carried

Treasurer's Report:  Christie Mitchell

  1. Christie is still getting familiar with the software and accounts
  2. Suggestion made to use cash system instead of accruel, Sheila will check with Don Cooley about cash basis
  3. Christie would like to update to Quicken Pro.  The cost is $180 to update.  Motion to update to Quicken pro for the $180.00 made by Scott Malcom, 2nd by Bob Marinellie; motion carried
  4. Balance currently at $15000.  An updated budget will be given in the new Rotary year with corrected balance.

Secretary's Report:  Shawna Stump

  1. Resignations:  Jerry Post ,  Motion to accept resignation made by Scott Malcom, 2nd by Bob Marinellie; Motion carried.  John Jones, motion to accept resignation made by Scott Malcom, 2nd by Bob Marinellie; motion carried.
  2. Leave of Absence:  requested by Mary Tucker from April to June.  Motion to accept LOA made by Bob Marinellie, 2nd by Scott malcom; motion carried.
  3. Gary Merrill will be leaving as well as Julia Zimmerman.  Julia will forward the date to the secretary for records.

Club Service: 

  1. Greeter schedule is on the website.
  2. Alisa is still working to recruit for Rotoract, but needs some help with membership.
  3. The projector from the Inn was stolen.  They have stated they can supply one to us for $35 per meeting.  The contract with the Inn states they will supply the audio/visual for the meetings.  The same can be picked up from OU for $10.  James will get one for the next meeting.  In the meantime, Sheila will look online for a possible one the club can purchase.
  4. Bulldog Invitational will be 04/07/07.  Volunteers are needed.
  5. Bowl for Kids' Sake will be 04/22/07
  6. Special Olympics is 04/27/07

Vocational Service:  James Stephens 

  1. Vocational speeches at the meetings went well.  Scott suggested they were a lot like 3 minute New Member talks.  Possibly they could do 5 minutes instead or replace the news at the beginning of the meeting with the talks.  They will change the dates and see how we would like to present it. 
  2. Shadow Day planning is underway. The sign-up sheet has been distributed.
  3. The After-Hours with the Chamber of Commerce is being chaired by Bob Handley.  This year's dates have been taken, but they will try to get on to one for next year.

Community Service:

  1. the Timothy house project is being worked on by Gary Merrell and is in the planning stages.
  2. New Literacy project ideas were submitted by Faye Klahn.  The Book Sale is starting to pick up.  The proceeds go to polio Plus.
  3. We may need to look into a new chair for the service committee for the upcoming Rotary year.

International Service:  Julia Zimmerman

  1. Foundation news:  Diane McVey is working with matching credit for Paul Harris Fellowships.
  2. Polio Plus Goal will be met this year.  The upcoming Friends of India dinner on 05/05/07 will benefit this project.
  3. Youth exchange is being worked on by Emelia Marks and Julia.  This year we have 3 students traveling from Athens.  An Inbound Coordinator will be needed.Scott will be checking on some academic problems with one Inbound student.

Old Business:

  1. April 30th will be the Club updates at the noon meeting. 

Motion to adjourn made by Scott Malcom, 2nd by Shawna Stump; motion carried.