Minutes of meeting August 5, 2010

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          ROTARY BOARD MEETING MINUTES          -- August 5, 2010


          The Athens Rotary Club Board of Directors met at noon on Thursday, August 5, 2010, in the conference room on the third floor of the Castrop Center.   The following Board members were in attendance:  Jody Harris; Bob Troxel; Betsy Baringer; Sarah Baker; Bodie Stewart; Ismail Ghazalah; and Karen Harvey


          As a first item of business, and on a motion by Karen Harvey, seconded by Ismail Ghazalah, the Board affirmed the email vote filling two Board vacancies with Bodie Stewart, Vocational Service Chair, and Calvin James, Community Service Chair.


          On a motion by Sarah Baker, seconded by Ismail, the minutes of July 8, 2010, were approved as submitted.


          Karen presented new member applications for Jackie Jenkins, new owner and agent for American Family Insurance, and Ralph Mordocco, new manager for the Ohio University Inn.   On a motion by Box Troxel, seconded by Sarah Baker, the applications were approved for publication.  Karen will so notify Sheila Mark.


          Since the last Board meeting two members have submitted resignations:   George Smalley has left the community to take a position with ISP Sports in Huntington, West Virginia, and Michael Miraglia has left the Ohio University Inn to manage a similar facility in Dayton.   Don Fucci and Larry Conrath have both requested exempt status; both qualify.   On a motion by Karen Harvey, seconded by Sarah Baker, a change in status was approved for both Don and Larry.


          Karen Vedder has requested another leave of absence, October 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011.  Sonita Uijt de Haag has requested a leave of absence from August 15, 2010, to June 15, 2011.   On a motion by Ismail, seconded by Bob, both requests were approved.


          Karen Harvey presented a proposed change to the Financial Policy. 

At present, exempt status is granted only to members who are 65 or older and have at least five years of membership.   Karen moved that we add another category granting exempt status to members who are 60 or older and have been a member for 30 or more years.   Bodie seconded the motion.   Following considerable discussion, the motion was approved.   Karen will bring exact wording to the next Board meeting for final approval.


          In Calvin James' absence, Betsy reported on community service plans for the next few months.   Calvin is making plans to complete the dictionary distribution that was not completed this past year.   In the fall, those fourth grade students who did not receive dictionaries in third grade, and all third grade students, will receive a dictionary.   The dictionaries for the fourth graders have already been purchased and labeled.  Calvin is working on setting a date for Rotary helping at a Good Works Friday evening dinner.   He is also thinking about dates for Food Baskets but no definite decision has yet been made as to whether to do one distribution at Thanksgiving or a distribution at both Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Betsy will continue to arrange the Red Cross Blood drives.   The next one is planned for August 15th.  She and Calvin have discussed the possibility of having a Salvation Army bell-ringing competition with another service club, possibly Kiwanis.   Sheila Mark will be asked to continue to do the WOUB fundraising scheduling.   Mark Hutchinson will be asked to set a definite schedule for litter pickup on West Union.


          Bodie Stewart talked about preliminary plans for the Ethics seminar (he will drive); the four-way speech contest; and Shadow Day.   He is also interested in having Rotary cooperate with the Chamber of Commerce and possibly a Rotary member business in doing an "After Hours." 


          Sarah Baker is exploring the possibility of a fall "Wine" Train or Family Train given that the District Conference train ride was such a success.


          Jody reminded everyone that the new District Governor will speak to the Club on Monday, August 16th and hopes to meet with all Board members at 11:00 that morning at the OU Inn.


          The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:30 p.m.


                                                Respectfully submitted,



                                                Karen Harvey, Secretary