Minutes of meeting Dec 17, 2009

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          The Athens Rotary Club Board of Directors met at noon on Thursday, December 17, 2009, in the conference room on the third floor of the CastropCenter.   The following members were in attendance:   Ismail Ghazalah; Jody Harris; Karen Harvey; Dave Diggle; Betsy Baringer; and Cita Strauss.   Also present were Sheila Mark; Diane McVey; Bob Troxel; and Jeanne Heaton.


          After a brief review by the Board of Section 2 of Article I of the By-Laws of the Athens Rotary Club, Karen Harvey moved and Cita Strauss seconded a motion to have Bob Troxel fill the Board vacancy of second vice-president.   The motion passed unanimously.


          The Board discussed, in general, a request from Bruce Ergood for financial support for his Winter Quarter trip to Honduras, the purpose of which is to train rural health care workers.    As the letter of request was sent to  Shawna Stump, who was not present for the meeting, and the Board, therefore, was unaware of the precise amount of the request, the Board voted unanimously, on a motion made by Betsy Baringer and seconded by Karen Harvey, to approve a grant of no more than $250.00.   Karen will talk to Shawna about the exact amount of the request.


          Cita Strauss reported on the successful year Martin, our Inbound student from the CzechRepublic, is having in Athens.   He is elated with his year so far.   We have four Outbound students approved for next year:  Emily Riggs; Rochelle Hecker; Carrigon Boyd; and Alex Marks.   They will be informed later as to the country of assignment.   After discussing potential Inbound students for next year, Cita asked that the Board budget for two Inbounds.


          Betsy Baringer reported on the Red Cross Blood Drive scheduled for December 28th and the possibility of another such drive early in the year 2010.  The dictionaries are late in arriving.   Hence, no "stamping party" date has yet been scheduled.   She and Sheila will discuss the funding of this project with project chair, Ric Wasserman.  Betsy believes the Holiday baskets received sufficient sponsorship donations to meet the bills but did not have the exact total of the collections.   Karen will email Don Cooley to get the exact amount paid in so far and to ascertain whether there are sponsorship commitments that have not yet been paid.


          The Board spent some time discussing the need for Board member/Officer training manuals.   Betsy is working on such a manual for Community Service Chair.   It will be passed on to Jeanne Heaton.   It was strongly suggested that other Board members consider the preparation of such manuals.  Bob Troxel suggested that we prepare a "Project Application" form, including information such as critical dates, procedure for approval, etc., that members may use when they have a project idea to propose to the Board.   Karen will see that Jody receives the District Simplified Grant booklet prepared by the District.


          The Board spent some time discussing potential Club projects for the next Club financial/program year.   Everyone was reminded that if such projects require Club monies, they should be submitted to the Board no later than the May 2010 meeting so they can be considered as part of the preparation of the 2010/2011 Club budget.   Jody mentioned a possible $7,000 project that would support bringing a doctor of radiology from India to the United States for specialized study.   This project is not grant eligible but both the Athens A.M. and Nelsonville clubs have been approached about participation. Another potential project would be to make one or more playgrounds in AthensCity handicapped friendly.    Karen and Cita will join Jody for a visit, possibly in January, to such Rotary-sponsored playgrounds in Zanesville and/or Cambridge and/or Newark.


          Dave Diggle made a monthly Treasurer's report.   Not all the bills are yet in for the Holiday Party.   There were 104 attendees, 54 of whom were members.  He also passed out an "Aging Summary" listing bills that are currently overdue.   Many of these are amounts due for the current quarter.   Dave will send out reminder notes to members who fall into this category.   Karen will contact Mary Tucker and Adam Baker about their intentions as both have expiring Leaves of Absences.   Karen will also check her records to clarify the situation with David and Bonnie Prince, who have assumed they were on an approved Leave for fall quarter although this was not readily apparent in past minutes.


          As part of reviewing the "Aging Summary" Bill Harmon's situation was discussed.   Given his long-time membership in Rotary; his almost-perfect attendance record; and his generous bequest to the Rotary Foundation, it was moved by Betsy and seconded by Cita that Bill be given "Honorary" membership, replacing his current "exempt" status.   The Motion passed unanimously.


          The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.


                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                       Karen Harvey, Secretary