Minutes of meeting December 2, 2010

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ROTARY BOARD MINUTES -- December 2, 2010

The Athens Rotary Club Board of Directors met at noon on Thursday, December 2, 2010, in the conference room on the third floor of the Castrop Center. The following Board members were in attendance: Jody Harris; Ismail Ghazalah; Bob Troxel; Dave Diggle; Cita Strauss; Calvin James; Bodie Stewart; and Karen Harvey. Also in attendance were Jackie Collins; Shawna Stump; and Diane McVey.

On a motion by Cita Strauss, seconded by Dave Diggle, the minutes of the November 6, 2008, were approved as emailed to all Board members.

On a motion by Karen Harvey, seconded by Dave, the resignation of Ed Yost was approved. Also approved, on a motion by Karen, seconded by Dave, was a leave of absence for Emilia Marks beginning April 1, 2011, and extending until September 30, 2011, or such time as Emilia resumes attendance at Monday meetings. On a motion by Karen, seconded by Cita, the Board accepted a new member application from Randy Morris, sponsored by Pete Couladis. Randy's application will be announced in ClubRunner prior to induction.

As treasurer, Dave reported a cash balance of $40,635.57 as of the date of this meeting. He has not yet received the bank statement for November so was unable to reconcile the books as of today's date. He also reported that, after receiving a letter from the Board, one of the delinquent members brought his account up to date, the other did not and will receive a personal telephone call from Dave. On a motion by Dave, seconded by Cita, the Board agreed that unless full payment or a satisfactory payment plan is set up prior to the end of December, a termination letter will be sent.

Dave has filed the 2010 503(C)(4) return with the IRS. He has also closed out the account for the Golf Fundraiser, showing net income of $10,921.65. This money technically belongs to the Athens Rotary Foundation. As part of this report, Karen, Dave, Bob and Jody, discussed the latest Foundation meeting, at which the Foundation agreed to a $50,000.00 five-year commitment to the community efforts to replace the sports stadium and field at Athens High School.

$7,500.00 of the current cash balance is money returned to the Club by the District Conference Committee. Possible uses of this money were discussed. One suggestion is that $5,000.00 of it go to Jody's Accessible Playground project. Jody needs more information on matching needs for grants before the Board is ready to make a firm commitment to this allocation. Her committee meets again on Wednesday afternoon, December 8th, at 4:00 p.m. at the Community Center.

Bodie Stewart reported on vocational service activities. He and Emilia took seven members of the Interact Club, including our Inbound student from Turkey, Orhan, to the Ethics Seminar in Newark. They are now making plans for having Four-Way Speech contests in all county high schools. Bodie has scheduled a Rotary After Hours with the Chamber of Commerce for November 2011. On a motion by Karen, seconded by Cita, the Board approved paying Tina Hall, the faculty advisor for the Interact Club, $100.00 now and another $150.00 at the end of the school year. As Bodie will be unable to attend Interact meetings during winter quarter due to teaching responsibilities, various members volunteered to speak at these meetings.

Sara Baker was unable to attend but sent a report concerning the train ride. The first Sunday in May is not available on the train schedule but she will schedule for another Sunday in May. Cost will be $16.00 for adults; $14.00 for seniors; and $11.00 for children aged 3-12. She will choose a date when the train stops at Robbins Crossing, making a picnic possible.

Cita reported that Orhan's stay is going extremely well. He will stay with the Fultz family during December and Bruce and Susan Mitchell's family during winter quarter. He is a member of the Athens High School varsity basketball team. The outbound student for next year, Daniel Bell-Moran, and his family are planning to attend the upcoming Rotary week-end at which time he will be interviewed by District 6690 officials.

Calvin James reported the second set of dictionaries to be distributed this year has arrived. He needs to purchase labels for them. Having done so, he will announce a time for volunteers to help with labeling and distributing. We also have dictionaries to distribute to last year's third graders, all of which have already been labeled. He plans to have them all distributed before the Christmas break.

The Good Works Friday dinner for which Rotary has accepted responsibility will be held on Friday, January 28th, at The Plains Methodist Church. Calvin will himself be responsible for chairing this event. He hopes to have assistance from Interact participants as well as Club members.

Calvin inquired about financial assistance for a possible Interact tree planting project at the high school during winter quarter. This will replace some of the trees downed by the tornado. Discussion of this topic was tabled pending Calvin's inquiring of Mike Meek, Principal, as to whether or not insurance money is available for purchasing trees.

Shawna Stump reported on behalf of the nominating committee. The slate, to be read at the Holiday Party and one other Monday meeting prior to election is as follows: President, Bob Troxel; 1st Vice-President, Betsy Baringer; 2nd Vice-President, Emilia Marks; Secretary, Karen Harvey; Treasurer, Dave Diggle; Community Service, Calvin James; Club Service, Andrea Reik; Vocational Service, Jackie Jenkins; International Service, Cita Strauss; and Past President, Jody Harris.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Harvey, Secretary