Minutes of Meeting December 7, 2006

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Athens Rotary Board Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2006


Attendance:  Susan Urano, Ismail Ghazalah, April Crabtree, Steve Hewitt, Michael Carpenter, Julia Zimmerman, James Stephens;  Guest:  Diane McVey


  Corrections to be made to November minutes include:

-Julia Zimmerman donated $599.00 for the India water project

-Settled on $12.00 for the OU Inn lunches per a clarification form Julie Cashin

-Correct Alisa spelling

-Spelling correction for Emilia Marks

-Rotar5y Foundation Month to promote the Foundation(S)


Motion to accept November Minutes made by Juliw Zimmerman, 2nd by Ismail Ghazalah;  motion carried


  Treasurer's Report:  Steve Hewitt


  1. $9871.06 in the checking account currently
  2. 2 bills received for the Holiday party so far, clarified that NelsonCommons only charges for the food and alcohol
  3. Outstanding items include $70.00 bill for brick installation, $21.49 water/sewer bill, December Exchange student bill $200.00.  Everything else has been processed
  4. A list of members in arrears is needed.  Steve will bring to next Monday meeting.

Secretaries Report:  Shawna Stump


  1. Possible new Rotarians:  Jim Bruning, Howard Litman, Keith Adams
  2. Need to forward Cita's info to Steve Hewitt
  3. Ram's application has already been sent for District Governor nomination

Club Service:  April Crabtree


  1. Ismail discussed current membership efforts with nothing new to report
  2. Greeter Schedule for the board, 1/8 Ismail, 1/15 April, 1/22 Susan, 1/29 Bob.  April has e-mailed new members to be greeters, but has not had a response yet.
  3. PR committee needs a chair
  4. No social events to report on
  5. Rotoract:  Alisa having a hard time recruiting members, 18-35 year olds.
  6. Interact:  Holding a book drivefor literacy.  They are collecting 500 books.  They have 350 books already collected and are working with My Sister's Place and WIC Book Giveaway Program for distribution.

Vocational Service:  James Stephens


  1. Committee met 11/27 and consists of 10 members
  2. They have taken on 6 projects;  Shadow Day, 4-Way Speech Contest, Business After-hours, Ethics Seminar, Interact Club
  3. They have 6 sub-committees to chair each event
  4. They are going to ask Mary Abel to join the committee to help in the work with interact since she is the Interact Advisor
  5. Bob to give three dates for speeches by members April, July and November
  6. A recommendation passed that the 4-way test be said at the end of each meeting.  Also request that we purchase a 4-way test banner for January

Motion by Ismail Ghazalah to a lot $150.00 to buy a 4-Way Test Banner for the Monday meetings, Susan Urano 2nd;  motion carried


Community Service:  Susan Urano


  1. Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army:  filled half of the time slots, some no-shows.  It did not go well.
  2. Food is ready for the Christmas baskets, list of volunteers to pack baskets at 1 Townsend Pl from 9am on 12/21.  $1300.00 total needed for the food, $13 a basket.  They will send a mass e-mail and put in the bulletin
  3. Funds for the baskets need to be made out to the Athens Rotary Foundation, designated for the baskets.  Michael Carpenter will post on the web-site and bulletin
  4. Susan spoke to Keith Wasserman on the room remodeling for the Timothy House.
  5. Eagle Scouts are looking for Jamboree funding, Susan will forward to Jerry Mollica for review
  6. Sheila Mark and Bob Mayer are going to Edmap to look at textbooks to see if we can use them for literacy project.

International Service:  Julia Zimmerman


  1. Emilia and Julia interviewed Leah Purdy for outbound program.  Leah is participating in the exchange get-together over the weekend so hopefully, it will go well.
  2. They now have homes for both inbound student for Winter quarter.
  3. Milo's fundraiser has been extended to 12/15.  Orders can be made on-line or at Acenet
  4. Still need an In bound Coordinator for Youth Exchange, suggestions made to ask Cita or Guy

District Calendar:


  • International Convention 06/17 thru 06/20/2007 at Salt Lake City

Old Business:


  1. Lunch amount now $12.00 at the OU Inn
  2. GSE team from Brazil, Bruce Ergood is going for an interview.  John Miller would help with the team if we get them.  Would consist of 4 to 5 members and a team leader.  Sheila will talk to John about participation.
  3. Telethon for Polio

  Review of the Grant Policy for the Athens Rotary Foundation:


  1. The question raised was should we build corpus or spend monies on projects.  The foundation is trying to see how the members feel the money should be spent.
  2. The Foundation recently voted to give $5000.00 a year to Sandlot League for the next 5 years.
  3. Appears that a Saving and Spending formula is needed, standardly 5% should be spent.  Should research the last 3 years to see how much has been earned to determine the percentages.
  4. The $5000.00 annual amount given byu the club to the ARF is used for expenditures.

  Michael has been receiving e-mails on the Holiday Party and is working on a way to post them.


Per Sheila, we are still shy of our Polio Plus Goal.  We have committed to $23000.00.  Currently we have $11000.00.  


  Motion to Adjourn made by Shawna Stump, 2nd by Julia Zimmerman; motion carried


Meeting adjourned 1:07 pm