Minutes of Meeting February 1, 2007

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Athens Rotary Board Meeting Minutes

Attendance: April Crabtree, Ismail Ghazalah, James Stephens, Scott Malcom, Susan Urano, Julia Zimmerman, Sheila Mark, Shawna Stump
Guests: Julie Cashin, Harry Kaneshige, Jim Bruning, Diane
McVey, Mark Bisang

Call to order at 12: 15 pm by Scott Malcom

Club Service: April Crabtree

1. Board Greeters schedule as follows; 215 Julia Zimmerman, 2/12 Ismail Ghazalah, 211 9 April Crabtree, 2/26 Susan Urano
2. Rotoract met 113 1/07. Still need more people to join. New prospects should contact Alisa Thomas. Scott Malcom introduced our visitors to the group.

Vocational Service: James Stephens

1. 4 Way Speech Contest to be held 0211 7/07 in the Grover room with the morning club. A combined award of $1 50 per club to be given, 2 winners will be chosen, one per club. The District speech contest is March 17". An orientation for the participants will be given. Mary Abel is giving the information to the students and teachers.
2. Shadow Day planning is underway. They are trying to make it more memorable for both the volunteers and the students.
3. The After-Hours project with the Chamber of Commerce hit a snag. There are no available dates with the Chamber. They are thinking of Co-sponsoring with another business or doing one on their own.

Secretaries Report: Shawna Stump

1. Not all members received the e-mailed minutes, so January minutes were tabled for re-distribution.
2. Resignations: None
3. Leave of Absence Requests: A1 Eckes 111 8/07 -03/26/07, Motion to allow Leave of Absence for A1 Eckes made by Ismail Ghazalah, 2nd by Scott Malcom; Motion Carried Leave of Absence requested by Joe Rota fro 0 110 1/07 - 09/01/07, motion made by Susan Urano to allow, 2nd by April Crabtree; Motion Carried
4. New Member Proposal: Roger Rollins Proposed for membership by Harry Kaneshige. Roger is retired from the Departement of Astronomy and Physics at OU. Motion to accept Roger Rollins ap lication for a membership made by Scott Malcom, 2" by Ismail Ghazalah; motion carried

5. Follow up needed with Kaye Johnson and Mike Carpenter on the Directory updates.

Community Service: Susan Urano

1. Timothy House Project proposal was given to the board. This will be a work project as well as donations. Need to determine how to obtain funding for the project. Diane McVey suggested we should apply to the Athens Rotary Foundation for the funds.
Motion to endorse the project concept with a review of the funding made by April Crabtree, 2" by James Stephens; Motion Carried

2. Special Olympics project will be coming up 04/27/07. Mike Noel will again chair the event. Interact will participate and they will need 8 volunteers.

International Service: Julia Zimmerman

1. Outbound students; we have 3 young ladies applying for the outbound positions. One has been approved and assigned to Argentina. We are still waiting on word for the other two.
2. Polio Fundraiser: Friends of India dinner will be 05/05/07 in the new Baker Center Ball Room. Money raised will be donated to Polio Plus and put towards our commitment goal. We are currently at 4 % of our goal. James Stephens suggests if we get 20 new pledges by next week, we will stop playing the Rotary song at the board meetings. The African Student Association is also participating in the dinner and will hold a fashion show at the event.

Old Business:

1. Athens Rotary Foundation: the share program, money raised in this year comes back in 3 years for the grants. "Rotary Shares" is the next theme for International year.
2. Club Assembly will be April 30. Chairs need to have a written report for the meeting to inform the club of what they are doing.

New Business:

1. Hospitality Room at the District Conference? Ram would like to have a hospitality room at the District Conference 05110-05/13 in Columbus. The budget will be explored for possible contribution to food and beverage.
2. The District Conference will be 05110-05113 in Columbus, OH. Sheila would like all chairs to attend.
3. The District Assembly will be 0412 1 at Westerville North.

Motion to Adjourn by James Stephens, 2ndSusan Urano, motion carried