Minutes of Meeting January 4, 2007

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 Athens Rotary Board Meeting Minutes


Attendance: Sheila Mark, Bob Marinellie, Susan Urano, Mike Carpenter, james Stephens, April Crabtree, Ismail Ghazalah, Scott Malcolm, and Shawna Stump

Meeting called to order at 1:10 PM

Secretaries Report: Shawna Stump:

1. Motion to accept December 2006 board meeting minutes made by Scott Malcolm, 2nd by Bob Marinellie; Motion passed

2. Bob Weinfurtner has asked for a leave of absence from December 27, 2006 to March 1, 2007. Motion to accept Leave of Absence for Bob Weinfurtner made by Bob Marinellie, 2nd by Scott Malcolm; motion passed

3. Jim Bruning has been proposed for membership by Faye Klahn. Motion made to accept Jim as a new member pending his application and classification made by Bob Marinellie, 2nd by Susan Urano; motion carried

4. The 4-Way Test banner was received and shown to the board. It will be used at the meetings.


Club Service: April Crabtree

1. The Board Greeter list has been completed. 1/8 Ismail Ghazalah, 1/15 April Crabtree, 1/22 Susan Urano, 1/29 Julia Zimmerman, 2/5 James Stephens

2. Internet information:

Some of the Web stories have disappeared. Michael Carpenter will check on them and see if they can be recovered. Some suggestions on the website included homepage suggested by Bob Marinellie, PR Committee updates.

3. Social Events coming up include the Women's OU basketball game . Five people are signed up. April will resend the e-mail to everyone and send around a sign-up sheet at Monday's meeting.

4. Rotoract: Alisa Thomas will be meeting with members on 1/8 at 5:30 pm. 5 or 6 members have signed up for the meeting.

5. Interact: they have collected 1200 books for the Literacy Project. 500 to go to My Sister's Place, the rest to WIC. Pictures will be taken of the distribution for the web site. Vocational Committee chair has volunteered to handle the coordination of Interact.

6. The Christmas billing will be on next quarterly bill. They are looking into the new Baker Center for next years event.


Vocational Service: James Stephens

1. Mary Abel has joined the Vocational Committee and is continuing as liason for Interact. The 4-Way Test Speech Contest will be held in February at the Athens High School.

2. The Vocational Committee will meet again a week from Monday to organize the committees. They now have 11 members.

3. For the 4-way Test Speech Contest, James is asking for 3 cash awards for the test. $150, $100, $50 (1-3 respectively). The AM Club will also be asked if they would like to participate and give to the cash awards. Currently $250 is budgeted for the contest awards.

4. Vocational Committee meeting attendance will be posted on the vocational web page.


Community Service: Susan Urano

1. The Christmas baskets were completed with a cost of $1444.50. Walmart had not included the meat in their original cost estimate, but did pack their own boxes. They had many volunteers, but have not received a total on the monies collected. At last check, they had received about $600. 

2.  Susan suggests raising money the year before to help with funding of projects.  Amounts could be set for specific projects.

3.  a suggestion was made to list the projects on the quarterly billings so the members could forward checks to those specific projects they want to sponsor.

4.  James suggested a possible review of past projects.

5.  We did not have a good turn out for the bell-ringing this year.  Some confusion over location and times.

6.  The Literacy Project with Interact is going well with donations to WIC and My Sister's Place.

7.  Sheila and Bob Mayer have been working with EDMAP to distribute text books.  They have taken a load to The Workstation and will continue the book sales for 6 weeks.  The work possibly outweighing the income from the sales, but they will complete the committed 6 week time frame on the project.

8.  Timothy House Committee will meet before Mondays meeting.  They will be looking at the project, deciding on one room or whole upstairs, and determining the funding needed. 

9.  There will be a possible telethon in May for Polio fundraising.


International Service:

1.  Still looking for an Inbound Coordinator for the youth exchange


New Business:

1. Basketball game scheduled for 1/10, possible tailgate at the convo?

2.  Athens Rotary Foundation:  Looking at identifiable one-time projects.  No definite resolution as to the spending on the funds.


Old Business:

1.  4Way Test Speech contest news release to be made and given to the board prior to publishing for approval.

2.  James will be speaking on 1/23 about Polio and our remaining commitment to the campaign.  He will be asking for 58 members to give $200 to take care of the commitment.


Motion to adjourn made by Michael Carpenter, 2nd by Susan Urano; Motion passed

Meeting adjourned at 1:23 pm