Minutes of meeting January 6, 2011

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ROTARY BOARD MINUTES -- January 6, 2011

The Athens Rotary Club Board of Directors met at noon on Thursday, January 6, 2011, in the conference room on the third floor of the Castrop Center. The following Board members were in attendance: Jody Harris; Bob Troxel; Calvin James; Sarah Baker; Ismail Ghazalah; Cita Strauss; Betsy Baringer; Bodie Stewart; and Karen Harvey.

On a motion by Cita Strauss, seconded by Calvin James, the Board approved the minutes of the meeting of December 2, 2010.

Karen Harvey reported that, as the Club as received no response from the member whose account delinquency was discussed at the last meeting and who has been sent a letter so notifying him, this individual has been removed from the Club's membership list.

Karen distributed a list of all past presidents and a draft list of individuals who have, in the past, received the Rotary Community Service Award. [Note: Does anyone remember whether or not we once gave this award to Tom Walker for his work with NAMI and the cemetery at the Ridges? If so, his name should be added to the list.]

Karen distributed a report on attendance at the Holiday Party that was prepared by Dave Palmer. The report indicates 110 people attended, 50 of whom were members; 47 of whom were guests of members; and 13 of whom were guests of the Club.

Bodie Stewart gave a Vocational Service report. He needs volunteers to attend the Interact meetings this academic quarter as he must teach at the time at which the club meets. He is encouraging Interact members to participate in the Four-Way Speech Contest and asked that the Board clarify the amount of the prizes. On a motion by Karen Harvey, seconded by Cita Strauss, the Board approved giving the same prizes as last year. There are sufficient funds in the Vocational Service budgetary line item to award such prizes.

Calvin James discussed the Good Works dinner to be prepared and served on January 28th. After some discussion the Board decided to go with a prepared menu rather than potluck. Approximately 110-120 people need to be served. Betsy will pass an envelope at the next luncheon meeting to help pay for the food that will need to be purchased.

Cita Strauss reported that Orhan, our Inbound student from Turkey, is playing on the Athens High School basketball team. She is making plans for having one Inbound and one Outbound student next year.

Jody Harris reported that she has sent the District a letter indicating that our Club will be willing to host the incoming GSE team from South Korea if, in fact, we are chosen to do so. Their visit will be from April 14th to May 15th and, if we are chosen, they would spend three to five days in Athens.

Jody also reported on the progress being made on the Accessible Playground Project. She requested money from the Club to pay for brochures and postage, both of which are needed as part of the fundraising campaign. On a motion by Karen Harvey, seconded by Cita Strauss, the Board agreed to set aside $500.00 of unappropriated monies to pay for these expenses. As the Club received money back from the District Conference committee, and this money has not been committed, and there is no line item for this project, the Board is, in essence, using $500.00 of this money to assist the playground project. At the next Board meeting the Club should consider creating a line item in the budget for this project.

The next meeting of the Board will be on Thursday, February 3rd.
Respectfully submitted, Karen Harvey, Secretary