Minutes of Meeting January 9, 2014

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ROTARY BOARD MINUTES -- January 9, 2014


          The Athens Rotary Club Board of Directors met at noon on Thursday, January 9, 2014, in a meeting room at the Ohio University Inn.   The followiing Board members were in attendance:  Calvin James; Jan Garske; Jackie Collins; Cita Strauss; Betsy Baringer; Andrea Reik; and Karen Harvey.   Bob Troxel also attended.


          On a motion by Andrea, seconded by Jan, the minutes of the meeting of December 5, 2013, were approved with several corrections.   On a motion by Karen, seconded by Jan, the Board approved a Leave of Absence for Keith Wasserman, beginning February 1, 2014, and ending June 1, 2014.


          Discussion on the Treasurer's Report for the preceding month was deferred until the February Board meeting due to the absence of Treasurer Dave Diggle.


          Jackie Collins reported Tom Gibbs is willing to accept the Vocational Chair position.   His date of starting will be clarified on the understanding the Board can appoint him to a vacancy in that position prior to the start of the next Rotary year in July 2014.


          Betsy informed the Board that the slate of officers for the upcoming year will be read twice more with a vote to be taken at the final reading.


          Andrea Reik, Club Services Chair, reminded the Board the Club get-together at The Tap Room will be held tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 10th, from 4:30 p.m. to approximately 7:00 p.m.  She reminded the Board a date needs to be set for a Board Retreat.  The  Board chose  Saturday March 8, 2014, from 1-5 p.m. at Calvin James' residence.


          Cita Strauss, International Services Chair, reported Danilo (the Inbound student from Brazil), is doing very well at the Palmer's residence.  She said we do need a replacement counselor for next year as Margy Kramer is not continuing in that position..   A member of the Nelsonville Rotary Club is interested but this will need to be approved by the District YEP Program Chair as she is not a member of our Club.  All proposed Outbounds for next year have been approved and country placement will be announced next week.


          Jan Garske, Youth Services Chair, is planning to attend this week's Interact Club meeting.  The Club will be helping with the dictionary project this coming Sunday.  Kapil Bajaj is handling the RYLA conference and has four potential attendees.


          Sarah Baker, Community Services Chair was unable to attend the meeting.  She has scheduled the Friday Nite Life dinner at Good Works for Friday evening February 21st.  The ReStore volunteers worked last Saturday.  The next scheduled work day will be the first Saturday in April.  Volunteers reported the Rotary aprons worked very well and suggested additional ones be ordered.


          Bob Troxel was present to give an up-dated report on Camp Rotan.  He stressed it is time for the Board to make plans for future governance of the Camp and suggested an oversight plan include the following:


          (1)  The Board's vision for the future of the Camp;

          (2)  Plans as to how this vision will be fulfilled;

          (3)  The role to be played by Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts;

          (4)  Financial support for the Camp.  (Before the Board can

                   address this item it needs a full report from Don Cooley.)


          Calvin discussed the Camp in terms of 'Plan A' and 'Plan B', 'Plan A' consisting of finding someone to be primarily in charge of the Camp, preferably a member of the Club, and drawing up a 'duty list' for that position.  He suggested the Board discuss having a more formal arrangement between the City of Athens and the Club, preferably including a written agreement.  Duties of a camp manager need to be clearly spelled out and this person should be directly responsible to the Board.   In making these plans the Board should work with the community Camp committee that was created by Bob at the time he resumed temporary responsibility for the Camp.  Insurance coverage should also be included in future planning.  


          'Plan B' would be an agreed-upon fall-back plan to be used in the event that, after a specified period of time, the Board is unable to find a suitable and willing camp manager. 


          The meeting adjourned at approximately 12:45 p.m.


                                                Respectfully submitted,