Minutes of meeting July 13, 2006

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Rotary Board Minutes
Meeting July 6, 2006
Those in attendance: Sheila Mark, Steve Hewitt, Ismail Gozalah, Adam Baker, Scott Malcolm, Susan Urano, April Crabtree,Bob Marinelli Guest: Diane McVey
Call to order: 12:10 pm
Motion to accept June meeting minutes: So moved: Susan Urano 2nd : Bob Marinelli Motion carried: yes

Treasurers Report: Steve Hewitt
· 2 payments recently made to Mike Noel for Fountain expenses leaving a balance owed of $1000.00
· Met w/ Don Cooley , he will help Steve with accounting problems as well as met w/board members
· Current reports are potentially confusing, Don is willing to help w/ the information
· Steve brought current data regarding hole sponsors for golf tourney
· E-mail Sheila about what the Board would like to see in a financial statement review. She will present it to Don Cooley, and we can bring new reports at the next meeting. Sheila will forward this information to Steve and then to Don
· Table motion to review & authorize budget for fiscal year 2007 at next meeting
· Big expenses coming are $4500 for national dues and unspecified amount for district dues
Motion : increase Club dues to reflect new International and District dues : So moved: Bob Marinelli : 2nd April Crabtree: Motion carried: yes

Club Service Report: April Crabtree
· Taking old Rotarian magazines to Farmers Market
· The Board Greeters list has been updated
· Copperheads game night to be selected. Jennifer Simon is committee chair

Vocational Service Report: Adam Baker
· Still need to meet with Shawna to get the transition information

Community Service Report: Susan Urano,
no report
· Golf committee Chairs are Christie Mitchell and Bill Bias

International Service Report: Julia Zimmerman
· Donetta Bantle is working with the Outbound Committee
· The committee needs an Inbound Chair, suggestions are Ann Charles Watts, Karen Vedder
· 2 Students coming from Taiwan and Italy

Foundation Information; Diane McVey
· $10,000 is the club goal for giving this year to the Foundation.
· We need demonstrable board support, she has requested 2 lines on the quarterly billing for donations, one for Athens Rotary Foundation and one for the Rotary International Foundation.
· Best for members to send separate checks to make sure of tax deductibility

Old Business:
· Review Club Brochures at next meeting
· Split-the-Pot on the web has had a few e-mails regarding it. Sheila will remind everyone at the next meeting
· Need to put times and days on the website.

New Business:
· PR committee to meet
· Diane to get a current balance due in our club commitment to Polio Plus
· Carolyn Irving to meet with the board regarding business/literacy initiatives
· Meeting adjourned: 1:13 pm