Minutes of meeting July 5, 2007

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Minutes of Rotary Board Meeting


Posted 07/30/07 not approved by the board

Editor's corrections in red, not approved by the board



Attendance:  Scott Malcom, Kay e Johnson, Susan Urano, Christie Mitchell, Sheila Mark s , Shawna Stump  Guests:  Diane McVey, Mary Diles, and Roger Rollins


Meeting came to order at 12:00 pm


Mary Diles presented the club with a plan to store and display the history of the Athens Rotary club documents at the Athens Library.  She stated some funds would be necessary to update and provide binders for the documents.

Christie Motioned to accept the plan to store the documents at the Athens Library, 2nd by Kaye; the motion passed

Susan moved to provide $100 for materials to bind the documents and store, 2nd by Kaye; motion passed


Mary also brought for discussion a donated Hofstetler (Hostettler) print for the Golf Outing.  She wanted to see how we would like to sell the print.  Sheila suggested a possible art auction.  Another suggestion was to put it in Lamborn's .  We decided it would be best to sell for no less than$1500.00 to raise money for the Athens Rotary Foundation.



Secretaries Report:  Shawna Stump

            -Motion to accept the June report made by Christie, 2nd by Susan; motion carried

            -Glenn Corlett submitted his resignation due to his retirement and  moving to Cleveland.

                Motion to accept Susan, 2nd Sheila; carried

-New members proposed are Michael Miraglia, the new GM of the OU Inn, and   

  Gary Lamberg, the new publisher of the Athens Messenger.  Motion to a ccept made 

  by Kaye, 2nd by Sheila; motion accepted

-Christie will charge meals as of the date of induction

-we will review membership and clean up any lists necessary


Treasurer Report:  Christie Mitchell

            -Christie presented a print-out of the proposed budget and reviewed.  Gross

            Income $75,962.00, Expenses $75,400.00 with Net Income of $1162.00

            -Nothing had been paid to the OU Foundation since 2004, $2000 allotted

            -Split the pot pay out was discussed with half going to the OU Foundation at the           

            End of the year. 

            -Brent Rosenthal reported through Diane that our Club had the highest per capita

            Giving and the district had done well over all

            -Susan would like a year end summary to review. And we also need to add the 4-        

            Way speech prize of $250 into the budget.

            -Motion made to accept the treasurers report with revisions made by Kaye, 2nd by       

            Sheila; motion carried

            -Sheila will help Christie put the budget onto the website.


-Clarification is needed for the President elect travel expenses and the Registration reimbursement policy.


Club Service:  Kaye Johnson

            -Greeter and Invocation openings, board greeters scheduled.


Vocational Service:  Bob Handley absent, no report


International Service:  Sheila Mark s

            -Looking for Host Families for the Inbound students.  The Belgian boy needs a

            Host family, the Watsons' will host the French girl for Fall quarter .


Community Service:  Susan Urano

            -July 25th and 26th, volunteers needed to paint the Timothy house rooms and hall.

            Craig Johnson is helping with that project.

            -No word from Don Cooley yet on the final number from the holiday baskets


Meeting Adjourned at 1:10 pm