Minutes of Meeting June 6, 2008

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The Board met at the Castrop Center on noon, June 6, 2008. The following Board members were present: Scott Malcom; Susan Urano; Ismail Ghazalah; Sheila Mark; Kay Johnson; Cita Strauss; Christie Mitchell; and Karen Harvey. Also in attendance were Dave Diggle and Diane McVey. The Board took the following actions: Approved Andrew Vogt for membership pending publication and comment; approved a leave of absence for Art Marinelli for June, July, and August 2008; approved the minutes and treasurer's report; unanimously agreed to begin billing members $13.00 for lunch per the contract with the Ohio University Inn; discussed plans for the Copperhead outing on July 1st; were informed there will be two Inbound students next year, one from France and one from Brazil but no Outbound students; tabled a motion to give the Athens Rotary Foundation $5,000 pending its meeting on the 24th of June; and discussed the wedding/celebration garden status vis a vis City Council. The meeting adjourned at 1:20 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Karen Harvey, Secretary