Minutes of Meeting June 7, 2007

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Rotary Board Minutes

June 7, 2007


Attendance: Sheila Mark, Christie Mitchell, Scott Malcom, Diane McVey, Mike Carpenter, Susan Urano, Bob Marinellie and Ismail Ghazalah.


Minutes were approved as amended, Malcolm, Ismail seconded. Passed. Urano will email to Carpenter.


Mike Noel presented his concept of a wedding pavilion to be installed behind the Holiday Inn and between the water facility and the ball diamond. He has written a proposal for the District Designated Grant program. The pavilion would be used for special events. The City of Athens has approved the plan. An agreement has been made with the City to do mowing. Classic Accommodations (The Hotel) will keep the flower gardens as well as contribute $15,000 towards construction. Mike is asking for $4,000 to complete the project: $2,000 for the DDG and $2,000 from the Athens Rotary Foundation. The landscaping will cost about $1,800, Trellis $5,000, walkways $5,000. The Hotel will install most of the structure. The Boy Scouts may contribute labor.


Christie asked why is this beneficial. Mike said that it is a low cost, high value community service project that would give Rotary visibility. Sheila asked if funds are not raised, how will it be paid for. Ismail moved and Bob seconded a motion to send the proposal to the Athens Rotary Foundation and to the District Grant program. Passed. The project will be presented to the full club next Monday.


Treasurer's Report

Christy presented checking reconciliation with a balance of $20,679.47. The profit/loss statement for May has a balance of $2,991.41. Most past due member bills have been paid. Scott moved and Bob seconded a motion to approve the report. Passed.




Sheila gave the secretary's report. Bonnie Prince requested a leave of absence for July 2 through August 2. Policy only allows for leaves in three month increments. Not approved.


Harold Raylea paid his dues and submitted a resignation. Approved.


Bruce Ergood asked fro a leave from July through September, 2007. Approved.


The board will review the leave of absence policy.


Scott moved to accept Scott Nisley as a new member and Bob seconded. Approved.


Board Greeters for June are: June 11, Scott Malcolm; June 18thSusan Urano and no greeter is needed on June 25 as it is the induction diner date.


Scott moved to accept the nomination of Bob Handley as chair of the Vocational Service Committee. Bob 2nd, approved.


Community Service

Susan said she would like to go to Athens Paint and Decorating for a quote. She will get a quote and submit proposal to the Athens Rotary Foundation for funding to begin the Timothy House Second Floor Renovation in July to finish by August 31.



Bob moved that Cita Strauss be accepted as the nominee for international service chair. Scott seconded, approved. Two inbound students are coming from France and Belgium. Diane suggested a social committee to help host families. Approved.


Rotary Foundation

Diane reported $21,850 in annual giving this year, $900 in May. The Polio fundraiser raised $8,000. Ram would like to be named a major donor at a regular club meeting and at the induction dinner. Approved.


Bob moved that the board give $5,000 to the Athens Rotary Foundation. Scott seconded. Approved. 


Scott said that the induction dinner costs will be covered by our weekly dues and $20 will be charged for guests. Families will be admitted for the cost of our weekly dues (no extra charge for immediate family) and guests will be $12 for the July 2nd Copperheads Game.


The next board meeting will be on July 5th at the Castrop center.