Minutes of Meeting May 2, 2013

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          The Athens Rotary Club Board of Directors met at noon on Thursday, May 2, 2013, in a conference room at the Ohio University Inn.   The following Board members were in attendance:  Betsy Baringer; Cita Strauss; Bob Troxel; Sarah Baker; Andrea Reik; Dave Diggle; and Karen Harvey.   Sheila Mark also attended.

          Secretary Karen Harvey reported that Gary Schumacher has submitted a letter of resignation.  Bob Troxel has submitted a written request for exemption and qualifies.   Mario Grijalva has asked for a leave of absence from May 27th to August 19th.   For medical reasons, Roger Rollins has asked for a leave of absence beginning April 1, 2013.  On a motion by Andrea, seconded by Cita, the requests for exemption and leaves of absence were approved.

          Treasurer Dave Diggle distributed a Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual Financial Summary for April 2013; a Reconciliation Detail for the period ending April 30, 2013;  and a Reconciliation Summary for the same time period.  Spending and income are on track for this time of year.  On a motion by Karen, seconded by Cita, the report was accepted.   Dave will maintain track of the Bellamaria Water Project monies until such time as a separate account is established. 

          In Jackie Collins' absence it was reported the Ethics Seminar will be hosted by the Granville Rotary Club at Denison University, cost of $20/person.   This amount is payable by the Club if there are those who wish to attend.  In Jan Garske's absence it was reported that Tina Hall is resigning as the faculty advisor for the Interact Club.   Sheila Mark will see to preparing a certificate of appreciation.

          Bob Troxel gave a report on progress with the various Camp Rotan projects.   There remains a water line to be installed; the entrance sign to be erected; and the cabin to be finished.   The latter should be done in the next one-two weeks, then plans can go forward for a work day and a dedication, including the Girl Scouts; the Boy Scouts; members of the Club; and the press.  In answer to a question as to charging for use of the facility, Bob reminded Board members that, under the terms of the City of Athens approval, the facility is not to be rented.  However, there is no reason why the Club could not require payment-in-kind, i.e. assistance with needed maintenance or donated work on a project.

          Andrea Reik, Club Service Chair, reminded the Board that a Club social event will be held at the Shade Winery on Friday, May 31st, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  Andrea will get a cheese tray; wine is available on a "cash bar" basis; members will be encouraged to bring snacks.  She is working toward setting up a July date for a night at the Copperheads.   This would be planned in lieu of a meeting on July 1st.

          Cita Strauss, International Service Chair, handed out a detailed agenda for the planned GSE visit.   Events will include a dinner at Sushi Gawande's catered by Salaam with the Board to bring salad and drinks.  Thursday morning the team will attend the A.M. Rotary meeting and a Thursday lunch is planned at the Purple Chopstix.

          Sarah Baker, Community Service Chair, is seeking volunteers to assist with Move Out Day.  Volunteer work will be coordinated with ReStore.  There was discussion as to whether or not the Club should make a firm commitment to staff a day per week or per month at ReStore and it was decided not to make this commitment but rather to encourage our members to volunteer at the store.  The same decision was made regarding assisting at hospice.   A District Grant in the amount of $500, matching the club's $500, has been approved and will go toward paying for Thanksgiving food baskets.  Sarah and Sushi Gawande have volunteered to do follow-up visits once the Club learns that a Rotary "get well" or "sympathy" card should be sent.

          President Betsy Baringer concluded the meeting with a brief report.   District Conference is coming up.  On a motion by Karen, seconded by Andrea, it was agreed the Club should pay the $20 registration fee for two Rotaract members who will be attending the awards luncheon.   Betsy also reminded the Board members that the Strategic Plan needs a completed mission statement.  She then plans to submit the Plan as a PowerPoint application for a Presidential Citation, to be given at the District Conference.

          The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:30 p.m.



                                                                   Respectfully submitted,



                                                                   Karen Harvey, Secretary