Minutes of Meeting May 3, 2007

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Athens Rotary Board

Minutes May 3, 2007


Attendance:  Stephens, Marinelli, Marks, Ghazalah, Malcolm, Urano, McVey


Minutes were amended to add QuickBooks Pro to the software for accounting section.  Approved as amended.


No Treasurer's report.  We will be moving to QuickBooks Pro to accommodate Windows Vista.  On Don Cooley's advice, we will switch to cash based accounting.


No Secretary's report. Sheila reported that Julia Zimmerman asked that her resignation date be effective April 1, 2007.  Scott moved and Bob seconded, passed by Board.


Club Service:  Ismail said he is having trouble getting people to move to  blue badge.  Diane suggested incentives to complete requirements such as a gift certificate or recognition.  James talked about other clubs that put yellow tape over the badge with a date.  They have a recognition ceremony when finished.


Scott talked about the July 2 Copperheads game at 6:00 pm.  This event will substitute for the noon meeting.  Families of members can attend free of charge.  Guests will be charged.


The golf outing will be held September 10th.


June 25th will be the date for the Induction meeting at the OU Inn at 6:00 pm.


Roteract has not been successful in attracting members.  Sheila will ask Wilhemina to work with Alisa on membership.


Vocational Service:  Committee met Monday.  Next event is Shadow day on May 30th.  Diane is working with Angie Hall at the Jr. High.  She has 30 volunteers.  Six committee assignments have been made:  Bob Handley will handle the after hours party.  All chamber dates are full.  They will pick date in 2008 maybe at the Dairy barn.  Board advised against rushing to do this event sooner.


Interact:  It was suggested that we pay someone at the school to be the representative and club advisor.  Mary Able will be contacted to follow up.


Vocational speeches will be scheduled for October.  James has recommended Bob Handley to be the new chair.  Committee consists of Diane McVey, Bob Handley, Mary Abel, Lois Gerig, and Carl Martin.


Community Service:  Committee met with Lowes.  They are considering taking the Timothy House on as a company project.  Julie Cashin will write the Athens Rotary Foundation and the District Designated Funds Grants.


Diane proposed a Move Out Day project in June.  Board OK'd.  Susan suggested an education/literacy subcommittee to seek service opportunities.


Cita will be considered to chair the International Committee.


Sheila talked about selling Kroger Cards and asking permission to purchase 20 cards at $5 each.  Board suggested that a coordinator be appointed before the project takes off.