Minutes of meeting November 2, 2006

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Rotary Board Minutes
November 2, 2006
Attendance: Julia Zimmerman, Steve Hewitt, Bob Marinellie, Shawna Stump, Susan Urano, Sheila Mark, James Stephens
Call to order: 12:03 PM
First order of business was a proposal made by David Lusty for contribution to a matching grant to help provide funds for a flood wall, a refrigeration unit, a hearse and funeral bleachers for a crematorium in India, as well as a small kindergarten, park and water well project. Westerville is funding $4000 of the monies and David would like to have us co-sponsor the projects. Ram is donating $2500 of his own money, leaving only $1500.00 needed in contribution by the club. Julia Zimmerman has volunteered the $800.00 from her Split-the-pot win to the project, leaving only $700.00. They would like to wrap up the project by year end.
Addendum 11-06-06: funds donated by Julia Zimmerman totaled $599.00
Susan Urano moved that the proposal for matching grant funding for the India projects be accepted, Bob Maranellie seconded; Motion carried

Steve Hewitt moved to accept September and October Minutes. October minutes revised to show meals at the Inn are $13.61 a meal. Increase in dues needs changed to cost of meals quarterly. Motion to accept revised October minutes made by Steve Hewitt, second by Bob Marinellie; Motion carried Addendum to meal cost 11-06-06: Upon clarification made by the OU Inn on the Table Page News, the amount per lunch for the Monday meetings is $11.99, so invoices will reflect $12.00 amount rather than the $13.61 or $13.75. This was clarified at a stand-up Board meeting 11/6/06.

Treasurer's Report: Steve Hewitt
· $9309.63 in checkbook, October billing not sent due to OU Inn rates change for members.
We have $4390.44 due currently to OU Inn which covers end of September and October.
Bills currently outstanding include City of Athens $45.16, AEP $10.16, Exchange students $200.00, $4563.40 remaining after everything has been paid. Also another $800.00 for Julia's split the pot win. Diane suggests getting the bills out soon to prevent back-up billing.
· Bob Marinellie moved to accept the treasurer's report, Susan Urano 2nd; motion carried.
· Steve would like to have a discrepancy statement placed on the bills to have members contact him if their bill appears incorrect.
· Sheila and Steve will review the members in arrears. This will be presented at a stand-up board meeting. Possibly close to 50 members in arrears.

Secretaries Report: Shawna Stump
· Possibly a relocation needed for Donetta instead of a resignation. Will follow up to see if that is possible.
· Cita Strauss applying for membership. She is the director for the Habitat for Humanity program and has been nominated for membership by Steve Sloan. · Motion to accept Cita as a new member made by Bob Marinellie, 2nd by Julia Zimmerman; motion carried.
· Kaye is taking photos and will forward to Michael Carpenter to download onto the website.
Club Service: April Crabtree, not in attendance
· Board greeters have been listed on the Board meeting agenda.
· Interact has reformed. Mary Abel is advisor.
· Alisa Thomas is working with Rotaract, they have not met yet.

Vocational Service: James Stephens
· Ethics Seminar was set for 11/08/06, but is booked. Our Interact group is unable to attend.
· They have a growing committee which includes members Carl Martin, Jerry Post, Lois Gehrig, Diane McVey.
· Reviewed last year's projects, possibly setting up an Ethics committee in the spring. Mary Able talking about ethics training for Interact students with videos.

Community Service: Susan Urano
· Good Works room renovation. She has 8 volunteers to redecorate the room at the Timothy House. She will get with Keith Wasserman to see how he wants to proceed.
· Award nominations being taken by Susan and Jack Bortle for non-Rotary member awards. Sheila will help in the designation.
· Kettle Campaign is underway. Times for sign up to be announced.
· Also working on the Food Basket project for the Holidays.

International Service: Julia Zimmerman
· We have 1 outbound student ready to go, 2 others possible. With Donetta Bantle leaving, looking to possibly Emilia Marks to replace her.
· Still need an inbound coordinator. Pan has no family for winter quarter, Bica has been placed for winter. $500 budget for the students trips. One of the outbounds may be returning, still waiting to hear.
· Ram will be holding an international dinner for Polio in May@ the Baker Center.
· Possibly a telethon could be held on WOUB or public access. James Stephens will be speaking at a January meeting on Polio.
· Still taking orders on the Milo Fundraiser.
· RI convention set for Salt Lake City June 17-20, 2007
· Rotary Foundation Month is the month of November. Diane and Jerry Mollica will have 2 tables set up at the Monday meetings to promote the Foundations.

Old Business:
· Ads on the website. $5 a month for business card size ad. Bob will contact members for ads. 12 ads a month can be placed on the site.
· Lunch and dues-Bob suggests charging $13.75 for the meals. The OU Inn provides weekly set-up, equipment, beverage, food, dessert, and gratuity, and they store our banners and items.
· Bob Marinellie makes a motion to charge $13.75for meals to members, Susan Urano seconds; motion carried
Addendum 11-06 at a stand up meeting, the board agreed to a $12.00 meal charge in light of the O.U. Inn's clarification of charges
· Bob proposes a website contest among the committees using recognition points for the best updated sites. Deadline for completion is June 30, 2007. $500 for First, $250 for second, $100 for third. Bob can meet with the chairs to help do updates.

New Business:
· The India project proposed by David Lusty. Sheila Mark moves to accept the project, 2nd by Bob Marinellie; motion carried.
· GSE coming in May, do we want to host? We need to set up 6 activities to assign and 4 vocational days for each member. Susan Urano is interested in helping. They will discuss with John Miller on team coming in.
· Roof for Camp Rotan will need to be replaced within the next couple of years. It was agreed that we will do a fundraiser through the Athens Rotary Foundation for this expense.
· Sheila has the applications for the Rotary credit cards.
· Athens Rotary Foundation monies, do we build principle or use for projects? We will review the by-laws to make a decision, possibly have them posted on the website.

Susan Urano motion to adjourn, 2nd by Steve Hewitt; motion carried.
Adjourn @ 1:30 pm