Minutes of meeting November, 2010

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ROTARY BOARD MINUTES -- November 4, 2010

The Athens Rotary Club Board of Directors met at noon on Thursday, November 4, 2010, in the conference room on the third floor of the Castrop Center. The following Board members were in attendance: Jody Harris; Bob Troxel; Betsy Baringer; Ismail Ghazalah; Sarah Baker; Cita Strauss; Bodie Stewart; Dave Diggle; Calvin James; and Karen Harvey. Also in attendance were Raj Koshal and Shawna Stump.

Raj Koshal was present to discuss the invitations for the upcoming Holiday Party and the results of the Friends of India dinner. Karen Harvey will email him a list of Rotary widows to include on the invitation list. The Friends of India dinner, held on October 23rd, was a great success. Strong ticket sales resulted in a full ballroom at Baker Center. Some bills are not yet paid; some commitments are not yet paid. However, at this point in time it appears there will be net income of approximately $8,700.00 that will be divided equally between the Rotary Polio Plus Foundation and the Friends of India.
Following Raj's report, the Board approved an agenda for today's meeting. On a motion by Cita Strauss, seconded by Calvin James, the Board approved the minutes of October 7, 2010. Karen reported having received a resignation from Steve Hewitt. This was accepted on a motion by Cita, seconded by Sarah Baker. Given this resignation, the current membership is 121 active members and 3 honorary members.
Dave Diggle, Treasurer, reported the current bank account balance at $40,944.38. He recommended the Board consider reducing this amount. More discussion on this suggestion should follow at the next Board meeting. As of November 1st, the Club is "on track" as to spending versus the budget that was adopted in July. The $40,944.38 includes $2,000.00 as a District Simplified Grant for the handicapped accessible playground improvements. There are two current members whose overdue accounts warrant a letter. Karen will prepare these letters for Jody's signature.
Discussion concerning the Holiday Party and the financing thereof followed Dave's report. He gave the Holiday Party committee members a copy of last year's attendees and last year's expenses. The party will be held at Nelson Commons on Monday evening, December 7th. Raj Koshal is preparing the invitations. Shawna Stump is negotiating with the food staff at Nelson Commons. Steve Sloan will once again apply for the liquor license. There is, as of yet, no firm arrangements for entertainment. There was discussion regarding those who should be invited at the Club's expense. This list will include widows of deceased members; the current District Governor and spouse; our Assistant District Governor and spouse; our Inbound student and his host parents; our one confirmed Outbound for next year and his parents; the two Rebound students and their parents; and the Interact president and vice-president but not their parents.
Bodie Stewart reported that he and Emilia Marks will be driving Interact students to the Ethics and Leadership Conference in Newark. As of the meeting there were four confirmed attendees but he expected more following the next Interact meeting. The Club will pay the $25.00 per person attendance fee and reimburse Bodie and Emilia for mileage at the rate of $.14/mile. His next project is to encourage participants for the Four-Way Speech Contest.
Sarah Baker is in the process of scheduling dates for next year's Copperheads game and a Sunday afternoon train ride in the Spring. The dates of Sunday, April 17th, and Sunday, May 1st, were suggested for the train ride. There was also a suggestion that we consider having a post-train-ride picnic at Robbins Crossing.
Cita has host parents lined up for Orhan, our Inbound student from Turkey, for the remainder of the year. The Fultz family will host him in December; Bruce and Susan Mitchell for the winter quarter; and the West family for the Spring quarter. She has one confirmed Outbound student and another who has expressed interest. There will be a change in Inbound/Outbound rules beginning with the next Rotary year. For every Outbound student, we must agree to take an Inbound student. The hindrance to our being able to do so is the problem of locating host parents. We may need to require each set of Outbound parents to agree to host an Inbound student and/or find another family who will commit to doing so. She also reported that single parents will no longer be able to serve as host parents. Betsy Baringer suggested single parents be expected to assist two-parent host families with services such as temporary stays and/or driving commitments.
Calvin James reported the dictionaries for third and fourth grade students have been ordered. He will let us know later as to dates for putting in Rotary labels, etc. January 28th is the date for our serving a dinner for Good Works. This year the meal will be served at The Plains Methodist Church, and it is their kitchen that will be used. Good Works estimates 150 diners. 20-30 Thanksgiving baskets will be distributed in cooperation with Athens County Children Services. We will pass an envelope at meetings for contributions to provide for purchases of food and also ask for food donations. Betsy will verify that we can use OU Inn facilities for cold storage and boxing space. Calvin will begin to collect boxes. He will also contact the Athens Rotary Foundation president, Jerry Mollica, concerning grants to pay for the dictionaries and a Christmas basket distribution in cooperation with Good Works.
Shawna Stump reminded Board members that our next new member orientation is scheduled for this coming Sunday, November 7th, at the home of Sheila Marks. It will be held from 5-7 and snacks will be provided. Each Board member is expected to make a brief presentation.
Jody Harris reported on the progress being made toward placing handicapped accessible equipment at the Southside Park. On a motion by Karen Harvey, seconded by Cita Strauss, the Board gave her permission to submit grants so long as she keeps the Board informed as to commitments that may be associated with such grants. We have already received a District 6690 Simplified Grant; the City of Athens is submitting a $25,000.00 grant and it is assumed they are prepared to provide the required match. This needs to be verified. A sub-committee of the Equipment Committee will solicit in-kind contributions from area businesses/community members. An individual from the playground equipment company is developing a plan as to what equipment; cost of such equipment; and placement of equipment.
The nominating slate for next year was discussed. There are two vacancies that need to be filled: second vice-president and vocational service. If anyone knows of possible candidates they should be given to Shawna as soon as possible as the slate must be announced at the Holiday Party on December 6th.
Betsy Baringer discussed mandatory programs for the upcoming year, i.e. those that we traditionally have every year. She would welcome other suggestions from Board and Club members.
The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Karen Harvey, Secretary