Minutes Of Meeting Sept 2007

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Rotary Board Meeting Minutes

September 6, 2007


Attendance:  Christie Mitchell, Kaye Johnson, Scott Malcom, Shawna Stump, Susan Urano  Guest:  Mary Tucker



President Malcom:

1.    District Governor Jim Flaherty to be at the October 1st meeting.  Please try to be in attendance.

2.    Foundation Seminar:  September 15 th at Cherry Valley Lodge

3.    Dave Palmer to chair the Holiday party.  It is scheduled for December 3rd.

4.    RI Insurance Survey completed concerning youth based programs the club is involved in and the loss exposure.


Treasurers Report:  Christie Mitchell


1.    The Worstell Scholarship money in the amount of $1612.00 has been paid to the OU Foundation.

2.     Balance of $21093.00.  Some expenses lately included $900.00 for the Copperhead game and Goodworks project of $155.48

3.    Financial Policy reviewed.  Proposed increase to dues to $180.00 per quarter because of International dues increase.  Motion to accept the Fiscal Policy with updated fees structure made by Susan Urano, 2nd by Kaye Johnson; accepted.  Exempt members will need to be back-billed for difference in their meals.  Billing to be done in October.  Motion to bill for the difference to exempt members made by Susan Urano, 2nd Kaye Johnson; accepted



Secretary's Report:  Shawna Stump

1.    August minutes approved, motion to accept by Susan Urano, Second by Kaye Johnson, approved

2.    Alan Boyd request for exempt status due to retirement, Susan Urano moved to accept exempt status, 2nd by Shawna Stump; Approved

3.    No resignations or applications received.


Club Service:  Kaye Johnson

1.    Harry Kaneshige is scheduling greeters

2.    Looking into possibly a Rotary night at an OU football or basketball game

3.    Have not pursued an October outing


Vocational Service: 

1.    Interact Ethics Seminar in October

2.    Scott received information on an international organization that would like to use one of the  Rotary meetings to present an award to Keith Wasserman.  Discussed if suitable, possibly to be done in October or November


International Service:

1.    Inbound students are here, both are placed with their current host families.  All outbounds have left.  We will schedule to speak upon their return


Community Service:  Susan Urano

1.     No carpet yet at the Timothy house for the project.  Craig Johnson has been working on this

2.     Salvation Army holiday projects, Susan will be looking for chairs to handle the projects

3.     Good Works Friday Night Life could be a possible annual event.  Lois Gerig , David and Bonnie Prince may be able to work on that

4.     Dave Palmer has presented request to purchase additional international flags for the Athens High School Atrium.  Susan moved to approve the flags purchase, Kaye 2nd;  motion approved



We will look to possibly set up a different time and place for the next board meeting.  Scott will notify.


Meeting Adjourned