Minutes of October 15, 2009

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          The Athens Rotary Club Board of Directors met at noon on Thursday, October 15, 2009, in the conference room on the third floor of the Castrop Center.   The following members were in attendance:  Kay Johnson; Shawna Stump; Ismail Ghazalah; Emilia Marks; and Karen Harvey.    Alan Boyd attended in his capacity as chair of the Rotary Foundation committee.


          On a motion by Shawna, seconded by Emilia, the Board unanimously approved the minutes of the meeting of September 17, 2009, as submitted by secretary pro tem Jody Harris and amended by Emilia.


          Alan Boyd asked the Board's permission to use all or some of the accumulated Paul Harris credits that the Club has earned in previous years.  He reported that there are presently 10,000 such credits that could be used for matching Paul Harris fellowship contributions, thereby increasing the Club's number of Paul Harris Fellows.   On a motion by Karen Harvey, as amended by Shawna Stump, and seconded by Emilia Marks, the Board unanimously approved the use of these credits in an amount not to exceed 2,000 per year.


          Shawna Stump clarified the $100.00 approved last meeting as a payment to the Athens Chamber of Commerce.   This was for a one-time  membership advertisement in the Chamber Gram and not a renewal of membership in the Chamber.   The Board discussed the possibility of renewing the Chamber of Commerce membership.   However, in the absence of Treasurer Dave Diggle, there was some uncertainty as to the duration of the present membership.   Therefore, this issue was postponed until next month when it is anticipated Dave will be present.


          Karen Harvey reported that Faye Klahn and Bill Beamish have terminated their membership as of October 1, 2009, Faye for reasons of health, Bill because he has left employment with the Boy Scouts.


          Karen asked that the Board return to its discussion last month regarding changes to the Financial Policy.   She asked that the increase in guest/visiting Rotarian fees be made retroactive to July 1, 2009, to simplify the quarterly billing process.   This request was granted.   She also asked that the Board return to its discussion of leaves of absence as she believed there was a misunderstanding as to the reason for needing a revision.   After an explanation, the Board approved a change that would add wording to the effect that repeated requests for leaves of absence must be interspersed with a return to full membership for at least a quarter before another request can be granted.    Such a change will prevent repeated requests for leaves of absence being used as a substitute for exempt status.


          Emilia reported that there are presently approximately twelve members of the Interact Club, ten of whom are desirous of attending the District Ethics Seminar in Newark on November 11th.   She will drive but needs another driver to transport this many participants.   The registration fee is $22.00 per student, which can be paid from the Interact budgetary line item.   She will request a check from Dave.


          In Cita's absence, Karen read her written report.   She reports that Martin is extremely happy with his Inbound exchange student status.   The Heckers will serve as his next host family.   She also reported that there are three Outbound students approved for next year.  Emilia added that one of these may have difficulty meeting the cost of the program and another may have a complication related to academic credits and meeting graduation requirements if she is not in resident during the last quarter of her senior year.   Everyone was reminded that there is approximately $700.00 being held by the Rotary Foundation for exclusive use in the student exchange program, including both Inbound and Outbound students.   Our club's sponsoree for inclusion in this year's Group Study Exchange program, an elementary teacher from Wellston, has been chosen as an alternate.


          Kaye Johnson reported that the picnic was successful (this was seconded by Art Marinelli during "Happy Buck" time at Monday's meeting).  She said plans for the Holiday Party are well underway.


          Shawna elaborated on the plans for the Holiday party, as she is serving on the committee.   There was some discussion as to the actual date -- is it December 7th or 14th?   This needs to be clarified.  She also encouraged Board members to attend the next New Member Orientation, scheduled for 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., October 25th, at the Ghazalah's at 26 Elmwood Place.  Board members planning to attend she notify Shawna as soon as possible so an accurate head count can be taken.   She has hopes that every new member will volunteer for a committee assignment at the conclusion of the orientation.


          Shawna also reported on nominating commitee programs.   Sarah Baker will accept the Club Service position, replacing Kay Johnson, and Jeanne Heaton will accept the Community Service position, replacing Betsy Baringer.   Dave and Karen will continue as Treasurer and Secretary.   The position of first vice-president still needs to be filled.


          Karen mentioned that Bill Diles has suggested the bylaws be amended to increase the Board membership to eleven by adding two at-large members, without portfolio, in the hopes that new members could be encouraged to take these positions and thereby become acquainted with the Rotary leadership positions.   However, since no one has a copy of the bylaws, no one knows the procedure for amending the bylaws.  Karen is going to go to the Athens Public Library to search in the historical records for a copy.  (I found a copy after an hour of searching.   Hooray!   Will make copies for all Board members).


          The meeting adjourned at 1:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Karen Harvey, Secretary