Sept 2, 2010

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ROTARY BOARD MEETING MINUTES -- Sept. 2, 2010 The Athens Rotary Club Board of Directors met at noon on Thursday, September 2, 2010, in the conference room on the third floor of the Castrop Center. The following Board members were in attendance: Jody Harris; Betsy Barringer; Karen Harvey; Ismail Ghazalah; Sarah Baker; and Calvin James. Also in attendance were Emilia Marks; Raj Koshal; Diane McVey; and Shawna Stump. On a motion by Betsy Barringer; seconded by Calvin James, the minutes of August 5, 2010, were approved. Karen Harvey reported that Ric Wasserman has resigned and gave the Board an up-date on plans for the golf fundraiser on the 13th. In Treasurer Dave Diggle's absence, Karen Harvey presented his report, including the last payment received from Kroger's. The Board would like Dave to, once again, urge members to participate and assist them in logging into the program, if necessary. Bodie Stewart reported on plans for recruiting high school students to attend the District Ethics Seminar. Sarah Baker is working on the possibility of having a fall train ride, perhaps on a Saturday afternoon and making it a family event rather than a couples only wine train ride. In Cita Strauss's absence, Emilia Marks gave her report. Emilia's family is presently hosting Orhan Mentesi, the Inbound student from Turkey. Cita does not yet have another family lined up to begin hosting in December. The Rebounds from last year are all back in Athens. There are, as of yet, no firm Outbounds for next year. The Board discussed various ways that might be used to publicize the program. Emilia also reported that George Wechman has agreed to be the boys' counselor for the Inbound program. Monthly checks should now be sent to George. Emilia has learned that there is presently $800.00 in the Interact High School account. She is going to inquire as to the process for accessing this money. Andrew DeWald, current president of the Interact Club, and other members of the group are planning a pizza party to recruit additional members. Jody Harris reported on club committee status and her intent to see that every newly-joining member is assigned to a committee. She and Betsy will prepare a one-page summary of the new program that can be attached to all new member applications. New committee chairs include: Jan Garske, RYLA; and Roger Varner, Red Badge Program. She would like to have a PR chair appointed by next Board meeting. Suggestions are welcome. Calvin James reported as Community Service Chair. He plans to continue the 2009-10 projects. Lois Gerig has agreed to handle the Good Works dinner; Mark Hutchinson will handle West Union pickups; Betsy will handle Red Cross Blood Drives; John Miller will continue with Worstell Scholarships; Channing McAllister will once again chair the golf fundraiser; Calvin will himself handle the dictionary project. He will soon submit a $1100 request for funding to the Athens Rotary Foundation. Betsy and Calvin will take care of Thanksgiving baskets and will pass the hat for financial support. Calvin is working on ideas for a literacy project and he, too, would welcome suggestions. Betsy Barringer announced that the club has received two gift cards to for having met and/or exceeded the Blood Drive goal. The cards will be donated to local schools. Raj Koshal attended the meeting to discuss plans for the up-coming Friends of India/Rotary fund-raising dinner to be held on Saturday, October 23rd, in the Baker Center Ballroom. He needs help in soliciting ads for the program, which will be put together by OU student volunteers. He also needs assistance in selling tickets. Tax deductible donations related to the event will flow through the Ohio University Foundation. Money for advertisements in the program, not tax deductible, will flow through the Club. The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:30 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Karen Harvey, Secretary